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Agricultural Value Assessments - From December through March

Agricultural landowners can request soil group worksheets from the SWCD for a small fee. In order to qualify for a soil group worksheet, the land owner must have owned at least 7 acres of agricultural land for at least two years and made a gross profit of $10,000 in each of those years. Eligibility for Ag exemptions is determined by the town assessor or Board of Assessors. For more information on filing an Agricultural Exemption, click here for website.

So if you are looking for a way to get involved in our efforts or would like to see how we can help you, we invite you to dig a little deeper. You'll be surprised at what you might learn.

Municipal Assistance

The Lewis County Soil and Water Conservation District assists local municipalities with conservation practices such as dry hydrant installation, hydro-seeding, and permit assistance as well as attaining maps and information regarding county land. Most common hydro-seeded areas are those that showed potential for high levels of erosion.

See the image below of the before picture, and roll your mouse over the image to view the same area after hydro-seeded to prevent erosion.

Dry Hydrant Installation

Dry hydrants are non-pressurized systems that are installed in lakes, ponds and streams. The SWCD, with the help of local municipalities, can install dry-hydrants in rural areas that have a lack of pressurized hydrant systems.

An installed Dry Hydrant in the Town of New Bremen

Mined Reclamation Plans

LCSWCD assists local municipalities with Mined Land Permits and Reclamation Plans as well as filing the necessary permits through the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Geographical Information System

LCSWCD has Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which can be used to create resource maps. GIS maps can cover such information as types of soil, state wetlands, aquifers, tax parcels, aerial imagery, street names, municipal boundaries, topography, and many more.

Erosion Control

Erosion is a major cause of the presence of pollutants in waterways. By preventing erosion of soil particles, pollutant sources remain in place and therefore our surface waters remain protected.

Permit Assistance

The LCSWCD assists landowners, municipalities and farms with many types of permits including stream, wetland, mined land, storm water and bulk petroleum storage permits.

The Black River Watershed Planning Initiative

Draft Characterization Report (PDF)
Draft Characterization Report Appendices (PDF)
Draft Groundwater Assessment (PDF)
Identifying Opportunities for the Black River Watershed (PDF)
  - Presentation from May 20 and 21 Visioning Sessions
Draft Socioeconomic Characterization (PDF)
Stakeholder Outreach Report (PDF)

Water Sample Drop Off Point

We are a drop-off point for individuals that would like to have their water tested by Converse Laboratory Inc. You can pick up the appropriate test bottles at the office. We accept water samples between 8:00 and 10:00 am Tuesday through Friday.

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